Shanghai Qianwei Oil Science & technology Co., Ltd. (Original Shanghai Qianwei Oil Chemical Co,. Ltd) located at the west area of Jinbao industrial park which is belong to the west suburb of Shanghai city. It is 8km apart from the west train station of Shanghai and 10km away from Hongqiao international airport, nearby the 312 country road and Huning super highway. The transportation is very convenient. The company mainly produces and sales oil ester, oil lubricates, it provides technology development, transfer, consult and service as a whole. And the company is in the lead of fat acid and ester production and sales, it got important position in the domestic. The productions of 2-Ethyl hexyl stearate and pentaerythritol Oleate etc. They have been reviewed as "best quality product, excellent product to be recommended." By the experts in specific chemical committee of China Chemical Society. The company has closely cooperation relationship among in Science & technology Analysis Department and Universities. Depending on advanced production craft, strictly management, stable quality. The product has got higher market in China, and parts of excellent products are exported to overseas

  The corporation produce: butyl stearate、2-Ethyl hexyl stearate、Methyl stearate、tridecyl stearate、methyl oleate、Triethanolamine oleate、oleyl oleate、glycerin oleate、lauryl oleate、pentaerythritol oleate、trimethylolpropane oleate(TMPTO)、trimethylolpropane oleate hexanediol acid ester、pentaerythritol oleate adipic aid ester、ethyl lauric acid etc.

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